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Planning a journey and worried you won’t sleep? We’ve got some great tips for you if you’re travelling with MegabusGold.

Sleep tips

Feeling tired is the last thing you want when you should be enjoying your travels, so it’s very important to plan decent sleeping time into every trip.

Of course, choosing a MegabusGold luxury coach for your journey means you can slumber while en route to your destination – but what if you’re worried about successful shuteye in an unfamiliar environment?

We’ve put together a few sleep tips and tricks that might help...

1)    Travel in comfort
It’s reassuring to have your own things around you, so if you love your own pillowcase or slippers, bring them along. Accessories like sleep masks can help too, for complete darkness and to provide a sense of security and extra privacy.

You should also think about space. Do you prefer to be cosy, or stretch out? If the latter, maybe one of our double bunks would suit you better.

2)    Declutter your mind
We’ve all had that horrible nagging feeling. You’ve got yourself comfortable and closed your eyes... then your mind kicks into top gear and whirs away with all sorts of worries and to-do lists. To pre-empt this, take some time before bed to mentally review your entire day and note down things to tackle or remember tomorrow – then you can slip into sleep feeling unburdened.

3)    Indulge in relaxation rituals
Of course, you can’t do EVERYTHING you’d usually do at home – but try to maintain a few of your bedtime habits when you travel. For example, do you love to read or listen to music as you get ready for sleep? You might prefer a traditional paperback, but our free wifi and power outlets make it easy for you to use e-readers and other devices too.

4)    Choose food and drink carefully
Alcohol can seem like a great way to make yourself drift off, but medics warn it can lead to disrupted sleep. Caffeine can also be problematic, as it raises the heart rate, so perhaps swap your planned tea or coffee for a warm milky drink or simple water. And consider avoiding any super-heavy meals or sugary treats for a couple of hours before sleep.

5)    Use common sense
If you’re too hot and it’s too bright, it’s unlikely you’ll feel calm enough to doze. So, keep your sleepwear cool and loose; and take advantage of our personal lighting controls to adjust the level to your liking. Getting a bit of sunlight and exercise during the day can also greatly aid your chances of enjoying a restorative deep sleep.

Beds, lovely linen and more...

Besides our advice above, the MegabusGold sleeper service is designed around... well... SLEEP – so we give you an extra helping hand with comfy beds, fresh bed linen and a concierge service to keep you feeling reassured through the night. And there’s a light breakfast to look forward to, too. All you need to do is pick your destination.

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